Friday, April 3, 2009


I am very thankful for the wonderful, wonderful opportunity that i had to present on sexploitation. It really helped me open my eyes to women in sports, or women athletes. Sexploitation is when we use women or men athlete's bodies to sell something. In the articles that i have read and the research that i have done, women are the one's mostly used. One might think that why would women do this to theirselves... and the answer is that they do it because they need sponsors, and the only way to get these sponsors is to use their bodies in advertising. It is really sad, because many young girls will quite sports or feel uncomfortable doing them because they will think that they have to have tone beautifu bodies in order to participate in a sport where sexploitation has occured. It can also cause anemia and other eating disorders to these young girls that are trying to look just like the women used in these sexploitation kinds of adds. The world is really tough on young people, especially when it comes to young women. We need good examples of women athletes out there, so in essence we need bigger companies to step up and not sponsor these women athletic teams for their bodies, but rather focus on their abilities, their great moments and things that often time's they do with men athletes.


  1. That was the best part of the presentation as far as I'm concerned because the effects of this have such a broad spectrum. I honestly feel for girls because of this. Sexplotation is a real trial for this country we have a hard time drawing a line and creating an image to everything. We can't even let girls compete without creating an athletic image.

  2. I really did enjoy those two videos you had. I think sexploitation is happening way to much to young women. Like we talked about in class they use Anna K to advertise for sporting goods because she is beautiful but she may not be the best woman athlete. Why doesn't Mia Hamm get used for anything because she is an exceptional athlete and girls look up to her? I guess she is not the best looking