Friday, February 20, 2009

AMEN to Country Music

After watching that movie, i was really upset at how the whole industry is set up. Where a man is only a man and respected if he is the biggest "thug" of them all. Like what 50 cent said, that you dont have control of much, but you do have control of your body, so if you can make yourself bigger and look meaner you will be more respected. I dont think that this industry ever has a chance to change until someone within the industry breaks the norm, and if they do, they will NOT be respected by the rest of the industry and will be a failure. The situation is sooo bad that it is unsavable.
I also am upset on how they portray women. If there ever was a feminist movement, it needed to happen in this industry! Women are portrayed as slaves of men and that a man can do anything with a woman that he wants, if he has money. It actually compared them to how they were treated back in the day as slaves. It is really sad! And the worst part is, the women accept it in this industry. they dont mind being somebody's Bimbo, or to be baught and sold for money. The industry has everybody so confused and it will never change. the "thugs" are too tough to change it themselves.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Advertisers do things for a reason. Not every single add will be compelling to everyone. Advertisers are very smart and figure out who their main publics are and the demographics that they are trying to reach. Once they know this information they target these people through their adds. They try and create an add that is appealing to those particular publics or public so it will catch their attention. For example, you will never see a viagra add on a show that more younger males or females will mostly be watching, because it wont appeal to them and they have no use for it. But they will put it on "manly shows" that mostly men and maybe middle aged to older men will be watching.
In class there were many people that didn't agree with the adds and said, "i will never fall for that." But maybe the add was not ment for that type of person. It will appeal to someone, or else they wouldn't do it. Someone mentioned something about infomercials, and it is the same concept with that as well. They wouldn't have them if they didn't make money on them.
Advertisers are very smart. You may say that you would never fall into stuff like that, but wait until something that interests you comes on and you are all by yourself! There is something out there that everyone is a succor for, whether its the new push-up bra or a new pair of nikes.

Friday, February 6, 2009

This has been quite an interesting week. We have had some really great discussions in class where quite a few people are really opinionated about. One thing that i think needs to be brought into the light is the fact that most of the people in this class are going to be the deceptive ones in the media trying to make people think that they have to buy a certain thing to be beautiful or what it may be. Most of us are PR major's and our job will be to make money for the company, and much of it will be through advertising. So i would suggest to every person in this class right now to make the decision in what type of employee you will be. Will you try and use sex to sell, or will you go a different route, even if your job is on the line. Will you be willing to stand up to a boss and tell him "no" that you wont do something that you think is not right. My advice would be to set your limits now and decide what is best for you. Or you may want to be the person that is well known throughout the whole company for the brilliant add's and PR movements that you have done that have made the company millions of dollars, because of your strategic moves. You will be loved by all, especially your boss, if it is that kind of a company. Anyway, i just had to laugh because i know that many of us will be in that industry, and how many are really strong enough to go against the grain. Its your decision!