Monday, April 27, 2009

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I learned a lot more information while i organized my own thoughts to construe my final paper. I tried to focus my final paper on my own philosophies and beliefs to what the media is and why it is the way that it is. I was able to really think about the problem at hand and come up with the biggest reasons why. My beliefs were based on "No Logo" but i pulled out the most important facts from there to come up with my thesis. It was a little different of a paper because the thoughts and ideas were my own. I wansn't referencing a book and all my ideas had to be supported with examples of why i thought the way that i did. The biggest thing that i think that i was able to pull from "No Logo" is that companies are selling an idea or a lifestyle and not the product itsself. It really helped me to open my eyes and see what kind of lifestyle i am buying and who is selling me this lifestyle. I also had to take a step back and see what things that i have baughten which i really dont need, but i baught them because i wanted the lifestyle that is suppose to come with those things. I think that i am really pretty genuine and usually dont let these sort of media lifestyles take a hold on me, but when it comes to cowboy stuff, i am a succor for anything! so it is really funny how in reality we ALL really do try and buy our lifestyle!!

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