Friday, April 17, 2009

No Logo

I really enjoyed the video that we watched in the sense that it helped me see how these major companies are trying to save money and at the same time, save their brand. Brand development is extremely important to any company! It could be the single most important thing. They do it in a sense to sell an idea or a lifestyle instead of their product itsself, which is extremely smart. The video talked quite a bit about Walt Disney and how they were one of the first ones to start doing this. I was totally unaware of the town that they own in Florida. That is totally insane!! Can you imagine that they have created a brand so powerful that people want to live in a world that is only Disney and nothing else! I know that it works because if i were to mention it to my wife, she would make us move there. The brand that they have created has become a monopoly! These companies are extremely smart to be able to be so good at what they do to totally illiminate the competition and essentially create this monopoly.

Like Nike, many companies still have to be very careful. Their brands can be ruined because they try to cut too many corners and do whatever it takes to find the cheapest labor possible. This can very much hurt a companies reputation. It is amazing to think about what many companies have come to be because of what a brand which signifies something that people must have!


  1. A full on community based around Disney. I love Disney as much of the rest of them but damn thats strait up like going to Michael J.'s house. To me thats a bit excessive but if you had kids it would be cool to raise them in a place that keeps their imagination running and strong. I can't believe they can find a way to keep most labels and logos out of that community. Whoever has that job I do not envy.

  2. Disney is one powerful brand isn't it? I am in the same boat with you about mentioning Celebration, Florida to my wife. She would stuff me in the trunk to keep me quiet and start the drive today for our "new life." I mean, I love a lot of what Disney has to offer but c'mon, it is only a branded lifestyle, that is it. So many of us take these "lifestyles" to be our identities and we should all wake up and smell the coffee as it were.