Friday, January 30, 2009

Wise Guise

It was so interesting watching that show and seeing what younger males thought it was to be a man, and what they thought it was like to not demonstrate those qualities. Its sadening to me to see that society is that hard on an individual. We have truely formed an enemy in our society with all the male violence that happens every single day. The statistics were off the charts of the violence that was caused in that the majority were men doing violence on other men. But its true. Me as a male, think that i have to be strong and tough to deserve respect. Like in high school i was always in the weight room, lifting weights and trying to be the tough guy. Now looking back on that, it really made a difference on how i was treated at school. I was respected by a lot of people because of it, which is a weird reason to be respected for. Don't get me wrong, i never faught in high school or i wasn't the fighting type and i wasnt respected for that, but it was just because i was stronger than most everybody else. But i think most males fall victims to this wise guise that we all have put on at one time or another. We always feel like we have to prove something, or be better than someone else's dad, like our kids say, "my dad can beat up your dad." Its really kind of a crazy world that our media has helped to create. I see all of the violence around on tv and look at how the media depicts how a man should be, it's scary.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Disney Princesses

I agreee with Douglas in that the media does affect the women of today in how they think that they should be, especially with their looks and traits. I found it a little weird when she compared braught the Disney Princesses into the picture. But the points that she made about them was well done. Like she pointed out how the princesses are always the prettier girls in the movie and they are always the ones that are cleaning up the house and taking care of others without complaining. So in a sense it makes our young people think that from the moment that they can start watching television. I have seen a few shows that are on right now that do a very good job in showing both sides of what women can be. For example, According to Jim. We have two examples in this show of two different women. We have Cherille, Jim's wife and mother, who is the caretaker and helps take care of the the family and keeps the house clean. As well we have Dana who is Jim's sister-in-law who is a single woman who is very independent, she owns her own house and supports herself. So this show i believe appeals to both sides in that we see two totally different people depicted in the show. The media usually doesnt do a good job at this though. That is why women and girls everywhere are crazy about twighlight. They like it because it is about a very ordinary young lady that is treated like a princess for who she is, and not because she is the most beautiful girl.

Friday, January 16, 2009


First of all, I hope that this works! I have been having major issues trying to figure out how to post on here all night long... so if someone is able to see it, please let me know. I would like to post this week on stereotypes. I have had the opportunity to see and live in many different cultures. I understand that not all stereotypes are true and not every stereotype is true about every person who is a member of that race. I have experienced both. The biggest thing to me though, is not judging a book by its cover because what you see is not always what you get or what you think you may be getting because of a bad stereotype. I believe that a person must really get to know someone before they can judge them and even then, that can be difficult. On the other hand, people are habitual and tend to act and react to their surroundings. So people in certain areas may act certain ways because of their surroundings. For example you are going to see a different culture in a small town than you are going to see in the city, and it is because of the persons surroundings. But i think that if you put a person from the city in a small town they will eventually begin to act similar to the people in the small town and vice versa. My main idea is that we shoud get to know each person individualy and not judge them because each person will have some similar traits but also have some very different traits.