Friday, April 10, 2009


I guess that i really need to get on the ball! I have never been a big person on the internet. I really dont enjoy sitting on a computer all day long looking up stuff and chatting and communicating with my friends. It is the same for texting. If i want to talk to one of my friends about something, i will just call them and talk with them! I dont like only being able to write a tiny little bit to ask something and then have to talk back and forth. To me it gets really annoying because if anybody knows me you will know that i am a very impacient person and dont like to have to wait. It has been a huge eye opener though, i manage a group of seven people as a PR team for the Rodeo Team. I have noticed that in order to keep track of everyone and inform them of things, it is much much easier to just text message them, then to call them. texting takes away the need of actually being able to get ahold of them when i call them. At the beginning of the semester i would always try to call them, but i could never get ahold of most of them, then i figured out that if i would text them, they would answer right back immediately. It kind of made me laugh. It also makes me text more because it truely is the most efficient way to get things done quick! I guess we all have to learn and modernize to be able to do the best job possible! As for twitter, i didnt even know that it existed and i hope that i never have to deal with it! If i could have lived 100 years ago i would have been in heaven! I would just have to worry about me and my horse and thats it!

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  1. Man I have this final blog statement and let me say I love rodeos and I love your fire and I'm glad I'm not a blogger anymore after this class.