Friday, March 27, 2009

Live Strong!!

We had a discussion in class, and many people were bagging on the live strong bracelets. and the funny thing is that about ten people in class held up their rists with bracelets on!! I think that that is a huge marketing technique! whoever decided to come up with those is a genious! It started with Lance Armstrong and since then many companies have used them in Public Relations movements because they were such a success. And now there are many many companies that are using them to help them promote and create an image. When you find great ways, like the live strong bracelets, to advertise and create yourself a good strong name, you have got to run with it. I think that many companies have been able to make themselves successful and get attention by these bracelets. For example, the diabetis foundation had a huge walk for diabetis over the summer and they were giving out blue diabetis bracelets. It is really a great move, because they are not just for women, i think that maybe even more men wear them than woman. It is something that can be used by both!
I hope that in my future of PR that i can come up with unique ideas like this one and be able to help my company create a name and become really well known because of it! The PR professionals behind this are really amazing for each one of these organizations, and we see that with our own eyes just by looking at all the students just in our class that wear them! I think that as PR professionals we need to notice things like these and learn to use them and come up with our own ideas, afterall it is what most of us in this class are here to learn how to do.


  1. I agree I think this is a great move as well. I was talking to my husband the other day about all the spin offs from American Idol. They have so you think you can dance? America’s best dance crew and mass amounts of talent shows for singing and performing. But it is a simple concert they found a niche that works and they are running with it. And this really dates back to some older shows such as Star Search. American Idol has been the most successful one of them all. Like the Lance Armstrong bracelets everyone has fallen in love with. And now other companies are taking this great idea changing it to fit what they are working with. And then selling the product. I am not opposed to the bracelets at all. We use them at our house to bind our skies together hah.

  2. I agree, public relation and marketing execs are geniouses for the ideas they think up. We buy into what they are selling, so they keep doing it. The Live Strong bracelets didn't start out to be a trend, they started out for a good cause and because they were so popular the marketing execs said lets make more and earn more money. It was a brilliant idea. Now if we could do that for other causes as well we could save alot of people.