Monday, April 27, 2009

Last post

I learned a lot more information while i organized my own thoughts to construe my final paper. I tried to focus my final paper on my own philosophies and beliefs to what the media is and why it is the way that it is. I was able to really think about the problem at hand and come up with the biggest reasons why. My beliefs were based on "No Logo" but i pulled out the most important facts from there to come up with my thesis. It was a little different of a paper because the thoughts and ideas were my own. I wansn't referencing a book and all my ideas had to be supported with examples of why i thought the way that i did. The biggest thing that i think that i was able to pull from "No Logo" is that companies are selling an idea or a lifestyle and not the product itsself. It really helped me to open my eyes and see what kind of lifestyle i am buying and who is selling me this lifestyle. I also had to take a step back and see what things that i have baughten which i really dont need, but i baught them because i wanted the lifestyle that is suppose to come with those things. I think that i am really pretty genuine and usually dont let these sort of media lifestyles take a hold on me, but when it comes to cowboy stuff, i am a succor for anything! so it is really funny how in reality we ALL really do try and buy our lifestyle!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

No Logo

I really enjoyed the video that we watched in the sense that it helped me see how these major companies are trying to save money and at the same time, save their brand. Brand development is extremely important to any company! It could be the single most important thing. They do it in a sense to sell an idea or a lifestyle instead of their product itsself, which is extremely smart. The video talked quite a bit about Walt Disney and how they were one of the first ones to start doing this. I was totally unaware of the town that they own in Florida. That is totally insane!! Can you imagine that they have created a brand so powerful that people want to live in a world that is only Disney and nothing else! I know that it works because if i were to mention it to my wife, she would make us move there. The brand that they have created has become a monopoly! These companies are extremely smart to be able to be so good at what they do to totally illiminate the competition and essentially create this monopoly.

Like Nike, many companies still have to be very careful. Their brands can be ruined because they try to cut too many corners and do whatever it takes to find the cheapest labor possible. This can very much hurt a companies reputation. It is amazing to think about what many companies have come to be because of what a brand which signifies something that people must have!

Friday, April 10, 2009


I guess that i really need to get on the ball! I have never been a big person on the internet. I really dont enjoy sitting on a computer all day long looking up stuff and chatting and communicating with my friends. It is the same for texting. If i want to talk to one of my friends about something, i will just call them and talk with them! I dont like only being able to write a tiny little bit to ask something and then have to talk back and forth. To me it gets really annoying because if anybody knows me you will know that i am a very impacient person and dont like to have to wait. It has been a huge eye opener though, i manage a group of seven people as a PR team for the Rodeo Team. I have noticed that in order to keep track of everyone and inform them of things, it is much much easier to just text message them, then to call them. texting takes away the need of actually being able to get ahold of them when i call them. At the beginning of the semester i would always try to call them, but i could never get ahold of most of them, then i figured out that if i would text them, they would answer right back immediately. It kind of made me laugh. It also makes me text more because it truely is the most efficient way to get things done quick! I guess we all have to learn and modernize to be able to do the best job possible! As for twitter, i didnt even know that it existed and i hope that i never have to deal with it! If i could have lived 100 years ago i would have been in heaven! I would just have to worry about me and my horse and thats it!

Friday, April 3, 2009


I am very thankful for the wonderful, wonderful opportunity that i had to present on sexploitation. It really helped me open my eyes to women in sports, or women athletes. Sexploitation is when we use women or men athlete's bodies to sell something. In the articles that i have read and the research that i have done, women are the one's mostly used. One might think that why would women do this to theirselves... and the answer is that they do it because they need sponsors, and the only way to get these sponsors is to use their bodies in advertising. It is really sad, because many young girls will quite sports or feel uncomfortable doing them because they will think that they have to have tone beautifu bodies in order to participate in a sport where sexploitation has occured. It can also cause anemia and other eating disorders to these young girls that are trying to look just like the women used in these sexploitation kinds of adds. The world is really tough on young people, especially when it comes to young women. We need good examples of women athletes out there, so in essence we need bigger companies to step up and not sponsor these women athletic teams for their bodies, but rather focus on their abilities, their great moments and things that often time's they do with men athletes.