Friday, March 13, 2009


I am very amazed about all the logos that are out there. The activity that we did in class, really opened my eyes. We have a logo for everything and they compete one with another. From Ford to Chevy, to Nike and addidas, to you name it! If you support a certain logo, it almost tells something about what kind of person that you are. I see people that where logos and i do judge, if you can do that with out judging, that is pretty good. Like if i see a BYU shirt i will probably judge that person. (Go Utes!!) or for example, there is a jeep in the parking lot that is hot pink and says barbie on it... now i have never met this person, or even seen them, but i have already judged them for this logo that they have put on the side of her jeep. (besides that fact that she still has red doors b/c she must have gotten it painted in the summer and the doors were off, so she has a hot pink jeep with red doors:))
Coming from the PR side of things, it is great to have a very well known, well recognized logo. If it is that way, in a good way of course, that person did their job. Many of us are going into this field and will be doing this stuff in the future to help make a name for a company and get them more sales and a better name. The bottom line is, Logos sell products.

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  1. I'm still disappointed that I only had like 30 logos that activity was hard for me. I wanted to deny the fact that I have been influenced. Logos though are so important I'm working up a logo of my own. Look for it in 2010.