Friday, February 20, 2009

AMEN to Country Music

After watching that movie, i was really upset at how the whole industry is set up. Where a man is only a man and respected if he is the biggest "thug" of them all. Like what 50 cent said, that you dont have control of much, but you do have control of your body, so if you can make yourself bigger and look meaner you will be more respected. I dont think that this industry ever has a chance to change until someone within the industry breaks the norm, and if they do, they will NOT be respected by the rest of the industry and will be a failure. The situation is sooo bad that it is unsavable.
I also am upset on how they portray women. If there ever was a feminist movement, it needed to happen in this industry! Women are portrayed as slaves of men and that a man can do anything with a woman that he wants, if he has money. It actually compared them to how they were treated back in the day as slaves. It is really sad! And the worst part is, the women accept it in this industry. they dont mind being somebody's Bimbo, or to be baught and sold for money. The industry has everybody so confused and it will never change. the "thugs" are too tough to change it themselves.


  1. I agree with your post. It's amazing to see how women are treated and they are okay with it. I don't know what's worse: the women that are okay with it, or the musicians who create it.

    I can't see any of this changing until society finally takes a stand and decideds that enough is enough.

  2. I don't agree to your headline out of all respect. I just didn't grow up with country. On a positive note, I do like a few country songs. Anyways, I think it's very sad that women accept men to just use them. They are just objects and they obviously don't even care about themselves. In class someone commented that these girls probably don't have the education and so they just do it to get money. I can see that in a sense but at the same time I bet there are some of them that know that it's wrong and still do it. It's a very sad and sick thing.

  3. I honestly don't think that any woman WANTS to be a sex object or be objectified, but I do think that they have been cultured to understand that the only way that they can get power, popularity, or money is by using their body and looks. It's obvious that women have been told forever that their only value is in their sexual appeal, sadly many women believe that and that's the only way they know how to navigate the system. Everyone is pressured by it, even men just in different ways, if you want to be popular then you have to have a lot of money and a lot of girls and intimidate people. It's just interesting to see that once there is an expectation for people to be a certain thing or act a certain way, they will fulfill that expectation. It's like that girl on American Idol that wore that skimpy bikini. Do you think she wore it cuz she was feeling too hot? No. She knew that she could use her body to get what she wanted, and it worked. As perverted as it is, women, just as much as men, perpetuate the whole system of women being objectified. They know what is expected of them and they know that if they use their sex appeal they can get closer to whatever it is they want: money, popularity, attention from men.

  4. Yeah hip hop has it's rough edges I mean they have been free to rap about some pretty rough stuff. They have been given an image they must uphold and have been giving the generation like mine alot of conflicting messages. I still have to argue that parents need to raise their kids not the media. Parents allow alot of freedom and when they don't correct the wrongs you get a pretty perverse generation. I listen to hip hop but I personally do not think of girls as bitches and sluts. My Mom would kill me if she heard me say stuff like that. Seeing as I'm still alive we can see music doesn't always raise children sometimes parents do.