Friday, February 13, 2009


Advertisers do things for a reason. Not every single add will be compelling to everyone. Advertisers are very smart and figure out who their main publics are and the demographics that they are trying to reach. Once they know this information they target these people through their adds. They try and create an add that is appealing to those particular publics or public so it will catch their attention. For example, you will never see a viagra add on a show that more younger males or females will mostly be watching, because it wont appeal to them and they have no use for it. But they will put it on "manly shows" that mostly men and maybe middle aged to older men will be watching.
In class there were many people that didn't agree with the adds and said, "i will never fall for that." But maybe the add was not ment for that type of person. It will appeal to someone, or else they wouldn't do it. Someone mentioned something about infomercials, and it is the same concept with that as well. They wouldn't have them if they didn't make money on them.
Advertisers are very smart. You may say that you would never fall into stuff like that, but wait until something that interests you comes on and you are all by yourself! There is something out there that everyone is a succor for, whether its the new push-up bra or a new pair of nikes.


  1. I agree. Advertisers are very smart. They know what they are doing that is why they get paid. I couldnt count how many times I have bought something i don't want or need. If we evaluate the things we need it is very limited. We need food, water, shelter plus a little more. All the other things in our life come from the desires put on by family, media, and society. We like entertainment so we turn to magazines and television. The advertisement keep us busy filling our minds with things to buy. It works all too well. I completly agree and think advertisers know what they are doing.

  2. You just got to be smarter then the advertisers. I can't believe how many people believe what they see in magazines and television. I saw a picture of Van Wilder the other day or the guy that plays him. And I said Damn thats horrible it is obviously altered. You just have to know maybe that takes this class to realize but Brett you and I one day at a time, are going to show the class and the world what reality is!