Friday, January 30, 2009

Wise Guise

It was so interesting watching that show and seeing what younger males thought it was to be a man, and what they thought it was like to not demonstrate those qualities. Its sadening to me to see that society is that hard on an individual. We have truely formed an enemy in our society with all the male violence that happens every single day. The statistics were off the charts of the violence that was caused in that the majority were men doing violence on other men. But its true. Me as a male, think that i have to be strong and tough to deserve respect. Like in high school i was always in the weight room, lifting weights and trying to be the tough guy. Now looking back on that, it really made a difference on how i was treated at school. I was respected by a lot of people because of it, which is a weird reason to be respected for. Don't get me wrong, i never faught in high school or i wasn't the fighting type and i wasnt respected for that, but it was just because i was stronger than most everybody else. But i think most males fall victims to this wise guise that we all have put on at one time or another. We always feel like we have to prove something, or be better than someone else's dad, like our kids say, "my dad can beat up your dad." Its really kind of a crazy world that our media has helped to create. I see all of the violence around on tv and look at how the media depicts how a man should be, it's scary.

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  1. I thought the show we watched in class was interesting as well. It's crazy to think what an impact the media and society can be on a lot of people. In high school, I always said that I was a "lover not a fighter" which looking back at that today sounds kinda silly but it was true. I never got in fights in high school. I think a lot of guys put on a tough guy act just to be respected by some of those guys that did get in fights. I think it's scary too how the media shows how a man should be. I only have been in one fight in my life and it was when I was in 5th grade. This kid was the "tough guy". He would make fun of me and push me around for a very long time. I remember I would always tell him to stop or I would try to stay away from him during recess. Looking back I don't remember how long it was until I was fed up but it seemed like it was months or even almost a year of him bullying me. Finally one day I let out all of my aggression from being picked on for so long. I gave him a black eye and a bloody nose. I remember how surprised I was that I actually did that. In high school there was never any problems and I think partly because I didn't have a certain "group" that I hung out with. I had friends from all different groups.