Friday, January 23, 2009

Disney Princesses

I agreee with Douglas in that the media does affect the women of today in how they think that they should be, especially with their looks and traits. I found it a little weird when she compared braught the Disney Princesses into the picture. But the points that she made about them was well done. Like she pointed out how the princesses are always the prettier girls in the movie and they are always the ones that are cleaning up the house and taking care of others without complaining. So in a sense it makes our young people think that from the moment that they can start watching television. I have seen a few shows that are on right now that do a very good job in showing both sides of what women can be. For example, According to Jim. We have two examples in this show of two different women. We have Cherille, Jim's wife and mother, who is the caretaker and helps take care of the the family and keeps the house clean. As well we have Dana who is Jim's sister-in-law who is a single woman who is very independent, she owns her own house and supports herself. So this show i believe appeals to both sides in that we see two totally different people depicted in the show. The media usually doesnt do a good job at this though. That is why women and girls everywhere are crazy about twighlight. They like it because it is about a very ordinary young lady that is treated like a princess for who she is, and not because she is the most beautiful girl.


  1. Douglass certainly drives at a weird point with Disney. True, the cartoons do have the princess home cleaning and waiting for her prince. But was Walt Disney really the all-mighty devil of female segregation in the 50's who's only goal was to solidify the roll of women to be a "floor mat?" Probably not. Chances are he just capitalized on the trends that he saw in media and lifestyle.

    "According to Jim" is guilty of this too. It's good that the sitcom tries to show both sides of what women can be. The show does capitalize on current media trends though. For example, think about "The Simpsons," "The King of Queens," and "Still Standing." All of these are, or were recently popular shows. The roles are a fat, lazy obnoxious husband who is married to a super hot, skinny lady who ends up giving him almost everything he wants. They have 2 or 3 kids, etc. Sadly, we still fall victom to trends in society, both good and bad.

  2. I know, why do the pretty girls always have to be the heroines or the princesses. Sometimes the average women in the show are the women with substance. Isn't it the stepmothers and witches who always have to great idea to take over the world.

    Both men and women love Twilight because it takes them out of reality. A man would love to have all the abilities of the main character and sweep a woman off her feet. A woman on the other hand sees Bella as a lucky girl who is a fairy tail romance. This book depicts a fantasy life where the males are strong and the females follow.